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Creates virtual operating system environments
Vojta — 6 years ago
Highly functional virtual machine software for safe browsing and for application testing. It is free, but feature-wise pretty comparable to commercial solutions like VMWare Workstation. Still lacks reliable virtual 3D graphics support, though. It is free, therefore 5 stars from me.
Sundaram — 10 years ago
Free VM to play with.
klischee — 10 years ago
BlThunder — 10 years ago
Great VM solutions- works also on FreeBSD
Guest — 11 years ago
I have used all the virtualization products available on the market, free and paid alike. Although this does not equal the same features as VmWare, it comes closer than the other free products.
Guest — 11 years ago
cos i'm using real great
BGuardian — 11 years ago
Simple, free and gets the job done
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