Creates virtual operating system environments
VirtualBox v6.1.4
20 Nov 2020
VirtualBox v6.0.4
28 Oct 2018
VirtualBox v5.2.34
5 Aug 2017
VirtualBox v5.1.38
5 Jun 2016
VirtualBox v5.0.40
6 Apr 2015
VirtualBox v4.3.40
21 Aug 2013
VirtualBox v4.2.36
6 Aug 2012
VirtualBox v4.1.36
2 Jul 2011
VirtualBox v4.0.36
15 Jan 2011
Editorial review
VirtualBox v3.2.28
5 Jul 2010
VirtualBox v3.0.14
17 Jun 2009
Editorial review
VirtualBox v1.6.6
2 May 2008
Editorial review
VirtualBox v1.5
14 Feb 2008
Editorial review

What's new

v6.1.4 [6 Oct 2019]
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
- GUI: Fixed crash when using Qt on Xwayland sessions (bug #19583).
- GUI: Fixed mouse pointer doesn't work properly in Windows guests when scaling is on (bug #19597).
- VBoxManage: Fixed crash of 'VBoxManage internalcommands repairhd' when processing invalid input (bug #19579).
- Settings: disable audio input and audio output by default for new VMs (bug #19527).
- Guest Additions: Fixed resizing and multi monitor handling for Wayland guests. (bug #19496).
- Guest Additions: Fixed VBoxClient error: The parent session seems to be non-X11. (bug #19590).
- Linux host and guest: Linux kernel version 5.7 support. (bug #19516).

v6.0.4 [28 Oct 2018]
- Virtualization core: support Shanghai/Zhaoxin CPUs.
- User interface: handle command line arguments to VirtualBox correctly (bugs #18206 and #18197).
- User interface: improvements to machine manager window, virtual optical disk creator, storage selector window and log viewer window.
- User interface: various small fixes and improvements.
- Audio: implemented time scheduling for the AC'97 device emulation to keep audio and video in sync.
- Graphics: basic support for VMSVGA graphics device in virtual machines using EFI.
- Network: fix occasional NATNet crashes (bug #13899).
- Network: worked around problems in certain PCnet drivers on old operating systems.
- Serial: fixed connecting to pseudo terminals on POSIX hosts (6.0.0 regression; bug #18319).
- Linux hosts and guests: fix for building kernel modules against Linux 5.0. Thank you Kyle Laker.

v5.1.38 [5 Jun 2016]
GUI: fixed keyboard shortcut handling regressions (Mac OS X hosts only; bugs #15937 and #15938)
GUI: fixed keyboard handling regression for separate UI (Windows hosts only; bugs #15928)
NAT: don't exceed the maximum number of "search" suffixes. Patch from bug #15948.
NAT: fixed parsing of port-forwarding rules with a name which contains a slash (bug #16002)
NAT Network: when the host has only loopback nameserver that cannot be mapped to the guests (e.g. dnsmasq running on, make DHCP supply NAT Network DNS proxy as nameserver.
Bridged Network: prevent flooding syslog with packet allocation error messages (bug #15569)
Audio: now using Audio Queues on Mac OS X hosts
Audio: fixed recording with the PulseAudio backend (5.1 regression)
Audio: various bugfixes
Snapshots: fixed regression in 5.1.4 for deleting snapshots with several disks (bug #15831)
Snapshots: crash fix and better error reporting when snapshot deletion failed
Storage: some fixes for the NVMe emulation with Windows guests
API: fixed initialization of SAS controllers (bug #15972)
Build system: make it possible to build VBox on systems which default to Python 3
Windows hosts: detect certain cases of REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG errors and print a helpful error message
Windows hosts: adapted to changes in Windows 10 build 14901 (bug #15944)
Windows hosts: better support for processor groups on Windows 7 and later which is required on certain hosts with many CPUs
Windows installer / Additions: added option to prevent creating of start menu items (bug #15922)
Windows Additions / VGA: if the guest's power management turns a virtual screen off, blank the corresponding VM window rather than hide the window
Windows Additions: fixed a generic bug which could lead to freezing shared folders (bug #15662)
Linux hosts / guests: fix for kernels with CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK set (bug #16020)
Linux Additions: don't require all virtual consoles be in text mode. This should fix cases when the guest is booted with a graphical boot screen (bug #15683)
Linux Additions: added depmod overrides for the vboxguest and vboxsf kernel modules to fix conflicts with modules shipped by certain Linux distributions
X11 Additions: disable 3D on the guest if the host does not provide enough capabilities (bug #15860)

v4.3.40 [21 Aug 2013]
- VMM: fixed restoring of the auxiliary TSC MSR in VT-x that caused host BSODs on Windows 8.1 hosts and unpredictable behavior on other hosts
- VMM: provide fake values for a couple of MSRs to make more guests happy on certain hosts
- VMM: fixed detection of VT-x on certain machines where the BIOS would not set the VMX LOCK feature bit, which affected the VM settings in the GUI
- VMM: fixed TPR threshold which caused BSODs on Windows XP guests that use the I/O APIC
- VMM: fixed PATM saved state incompatibility for software virtualized VMs
- VMM: don't fail if AMD-V isn't available if the VM is configured to use software virtualization
- GUI: fixed guest resize breakage on visual representation mode change (when switching from normal to fullscreen etc)
- GUI: make sure the guest screen is resized after restoring a VM from a saved state if the host screen size changed
- Webcam passthrough improvements including GUI support (see the manual for more information)
- Guest Control: implemented more IGuestSession methods
- Guest Control: added support for deleting and renaming guest files directories in VBoxManage
- Guest Control: various bugfixes
- API: incorrect handling of hardware UUID default value, resulting in an all zero DMI/SMBIOS UUID, which leads to Windows requesting re-activation
- 3D support: miscellaneous fixes
- Storage: fixed detection of CD/DVD media when switching from an empty to a host drive with passthrough enabled
- Storage: fixed hang of the VM process when the disk is full under certain circumstances
- NAT: listen for changes of NAT Network setting at runtime
- NAT: NAT Network DHCP server now saves leases to a persistent storage
- Main: monitor changes in host DNS configuration
- X11 Additions/3D: fix freezes starting 3D desktop
- X11 Additions/3D: fix depth buffer support
- X11 Additions/3D: fix Age Of Empires 3 rendering
- Windows Additions/3D: fix Google Earth plugin rendering
- Windows Additions/WDDM: autoresize fixes

v4.2.36 [6 Aug 2012]
- GUI: fixed validation warning on global settings / proxy page
- GUI: fixed crash with multiple guest screens on certain conditions (OS X hosts only)
- VBoxBalloonCtrl: fixed command line argument handling of ballooning module
- VRDP: fixed occasional crash during a video playback in the guest
- BIOS: fixed broken DMI information (4.2 regression)
- BIOS: workaround for booting from Windows 2000 floppy disks
- EFI: fixed video mode selection loss on VM reboot
- Parallel: fixed parallel port printing failure/ paper queue empty error (Windows hosts only)
- NAT: fixed crash on alias-less DNS responses when host-resolver is used
- Storage: fixed hang under rare circumstances

v4.1.36 [2 Jul 2011]
* VMM: fixed PAE guests running on 32-bit hosts (4.0 regression; bug #9458)
* VMM: fixed INVALID_PARAMETER guru meditation caused by insufficient memory conditions (4.1.0 regression; bug #9240)
* VMM: fixed clobbered CPU registers during stos/lods/ins/outs emulation under rare circumstances
* VMM: another fix for 64-bit guests on recent AMD CPUs
* GUI: warn the user if he uses an outdated extension pack and allow to download and upgrade in that case (bug #8025)
* GUI: fixed spurious LCtrl key events on some Windows hosts (4.0.6 regression; bug #373)
* VBoxManage: another fix for extpack install --replace (bug #9308)
* VBoxManage: allow to specify the UUID of the target image in convertfromraw
* VRDP: fixed a rare crash when two or more clients connect to the server (bug #9503)
* VRDP: fixed a case when a client was not resized correctly (bug #9242)
* USB: make device capturing work on Windows hosts with usbhub class filter drivers installed (bug #9298); bugfixes for Windows host USB support
* VHD: fixed reads crossing block boundaries (bug #8532)
* VMDK: fixed progress indicator when creating split VMDK images
* Floppy: fixed medium size detection for physical mediums (Windows hosts only)
* Main: fixed VM initialization if a shared folder does not exist (bug #7941)
* Main: fixed possible deadlock between hard disk enumeration and resetting of immutable disks (bug #9549)
* Main: fixed not detaching of virtual storage after a snapshot restore operation (bug #8296)
* Main: always reset modified state after restoring a snapshot (bug #9387)
* Main: fixed writing of changed VM settings to disk when using snapshots (bug #8932)
* Main: fixed taking screen shots (e.g. the preview window) for headless VMs if the Guest Additions are active
* Virtio-net: fixed the problem with UDP packets exceeding MTU (bug #9370)
* 3D Support: fixed incorrect rendering and possible crashes when switching to/from fullscreen with enabled 2D acceleration
* 3D Support: fixed compiz under ubuntu 9.10
* Guest control: Miscellaneous small bugfixes
* Linux / Solaris hosts: don't use hard links in packages (4.1.2 regression; bug #9441)
* Mac OS X hosts: fix installation issues when installed as root (bug #1578)
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed packet capture issues with vboxnetX host-only interfaces (bug #8076)
* Solaris hosts: fixed incoming multicast packets for Crossbow based bridged networking (bug #9532)
* Solaris hosts: fixed starting EFI guests due to missing EFI ROM files (bug #9535)
* Windows hosts installer: fixed ADDLOCAL usage on command line (4.1.0 regression; bug #9488)
* Windows hosts installer: fixed dangling shortcut to the .chm help file (bug #9646)
* Windows hosts installer: try to fix installation error 2869 which appeared under certain circumstances (bug #9664)
* Windows hosts: VBoxHeadless should never open a separate console window (bug #3549)
* Guest Additions: fixed hang while waiting for guest execution output (4.1.2 regression; bug #9446)
* Linux Additions: add support for X.Org Server 1.11 (bug #9519)
* Linux Additions: suppress an incorrect error message and allow a shared folder to be mounted in multiple places (bug #9627)
* Linux Additions: start VBoxService correctly on openSUSE 12.1 (bug #6229)
* Linux Additions: properly finish the installation even if the compilation of the DRM module fails (which is not fatal)
* Solaris Additions: fixed memory leaks and panics while mounting (from console) and unmounting shared folders.
* Windows Additions: fixed swapped mouse cursor hotspot coordinates (4.1.0 regression; bug #9447)
* Windows Additions: fixed PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD in VBoxDisp.dll when running SnippingTool (bug #9508)
* Windows Additions: make image viewer work correctly with Aero enabled (Vista and Windows 7)
* Windows Additions: fixed incorrect window border blurs under Aero with ATI cards (Vista and Windows 7)
* Windows Additions: fixed incorrect rendering when moving 3D applications outside guest desktop and back under Aero (Vista and Windows 7)
* Windows Additions: fixed guest hangs when switching back from fullscreen text mode apps (bug #9636)

v4.0.36 [15 Jan 2011]
VMM: fixed incorrect handling of ballooned pages when restoring a VMM from a saved state
VMM: don't crash on hosts with more than 64 cores / hyperthreads; implemented support for up to 256 host cores (except Windows hosts; bug #8489)
VMM: fixed guru meditation for PAE guests running on hosts without PAE (bug #8006)
VMM: fixed slow Linux guests with raw mode and recent guest kernels (bug #8726)
GUI: support host key combinations (bug #979)
GUI: fixed progress indicator (bug #7814)
GUI: show the mouse pointer while the VM is paused if the USB tablet mouse emulation is used (bug #6799)
GUI: adapt the snapshot folder as well when renaming a VM (bug #8469)
GUI: persistently remember the last folders of the disk/DVD/floppy selectors
GUI: never allow to start a VM with USB-2.0 activated if the proper extension pack is missing (bug #8182)
GUI: fixed hang/crash when opening a file dialog in an non-existing folder (bug #8673)
Snapshots: fixed a bug which could lose entries in the media registry when restoring a snapshot (bug #8363)
Snapshots: allow snapshots to be stored in the VM directory
3D support: fixed a crash if a VM was forced to terminate (Windows hosts only; bug #7133)
Storage: fixed memory leak (4.0 regression; bug #7966)
Storage: fixed access to iSCSI targets over internal network
Storage: fixed reading from disks with more than one snapshot for VHD and VMDK images with disabled host cache (bug #8408)
Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend after an I/O error occurred
Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend / reset (bug #8276, #8294)
Storage: automatically create a diff image when attaching a streamOptimized VMDK image to a VM
ATA/SATA: fixed automounting of virtual CD/DVD mediums with recent Linux distributions by correctly reporting the current profile as 'none' if no medium is present
Buslogic: fixed emulation for certain guests (e.g. jRockit VE)

v3.0.14 [17 Jun 2009]
As a an improvement on this version, there now is full support if a crash should occur. Easily switch back to a previous restoration point and avoid the need of frequent backups. A virtual SATA controller has been integrated to operate faster.

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